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  • 5 Methods to Get New Customers

    So many people come to me saying that their primary issue is getting new customers, I wanted to share five ideas you can use right now…
  • The Dance of Selling.

    This is our daily challenge as marketers... to daily (or even hourly where we have the opportunity) convince the public (our very carefully chosen segment of the public) that she cannot live another moment without purchasing your item, proffered at that specific time.
  • Where Does Your Buying Experience Happen?

    As a retailer (ecomm or brick and mortar, because these principles are all the same) your mission is to create that environment... that situation in which your customer will buy from you at least once... and then buy from you again and again and again.
  • Apple and Privacy: It Just (Doesn't) Work

    Apple is the self-proclaimed champion of privacy. But this latest move shows a terrifying lapse in judgement.
  • Let's Opt Out of the iOS Drama, Right Now

    iOS and privacy is a hot topic right now. We're all jumping through hoops to make FB talk with Apple devices and soon Google will be in the mix.
    CAPI and domain verification are a start to bridging paid traffic and visitors. You're in the upper echelon right now, with these technologies in place. Many store/site owners don't even know about these yet.
    But what if there were more ways to get traffic that avoided the issue all together?
  • Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Ads?

    Now, before you go all wild about not having the advertising budget of a $30 billion industry, know this...
    You don't need their budget to know exactly how to do what they've done.
  • Triple Your Business, or Kill it Dead.

    How much more can you spend on ads?

    Access these and other critically important questions to help you stay alive in the dog eat dog business environment of ecommerce.

  • The Best Kind of Problem in Business You Can Have

    Robert Collier, one of the Grand Masters of Marketing, had all of marketing boiled down to audiences and messages. Improve just this area and watch your sales increase, your ad costs drop, and your revenues go up up up. Check the upcoming newsletter for more...
  • Talking to your narrow minded list

    Audiences live in a sort of a spectrum. You've got the ones who will click through from an ad, almost no matter what you say. And the other end of the stick are the ones you have to just about beg for a click through.
  • How to Explode Your Revenue Now

    Updated content. Principles are always true. There aren’t many places in life that something is always right, but inside a system you can have trut...
  • How to Use Jedi-Level Marketing in Your Ads

    We’re not even half way through December 2020, and I’m already mentally into Q1 2021 and beyond. Why the rush? I'm deep in planning and deciding ...
  • Do you make this mistake in your online marketing?

    You’re going along through your day when suddenly someone reaches through your phone and says “Buy Now!” Seth Godin called it “interruption m...