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Principles are always true.

There aren’t many places in life that something is always right, but inside a system you can have truth.

The definition of “principle” is...

“a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.”

(Thank you Google, and Oxford Languages)

So, if principles are the foundation of a system, the system will always work within itself.

Principles of marketing, for example, always work within the system of marketing.

Much of what the work I do as a consultant and managing marketing for clients is based on principles. 

Tactics are the nuts and bolts of campaigns… like “more budget here will get this result there”. 

Strategy strings tactics together -- they’re a step closer to principles. A strategy might work in a particular situation.

But principles are the overarching formulae that make the whole thing work.

Things like audiences, and how to define them, and how to talk with them, and how to get them to buy from you. The “how” to do this balances principles and tactics.

Principles are about the actions we take that aren't necessarily adjusted in a Facebook account, but can advance your business further than a simple adjustment in an ad campaign.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about principles and strategies lately, and how to use them to make marketing-things work.

I’ve recently mentioned my new book about ecommerce marketing. It’s called, “Acquire. Convert. Repeat. The Framework that Builds eCommerce Millionaires.”

I’ve used the experience of writing the book to pull out of me 18 years of marketing work and three decades of coaching work to try to consolidate it all into a framework.

The book includes some tactical stuff.

But it is the principles that it’s really about. The high level stuff that applies to Facebook, Instagram, emails, Pinterest, bots, and more.

Frequently in a tactic we can find a principle. For example, if we take “x” action and “y” always happens, somewhere in there is a principle in play.

Talk to 6 people and make 1 sale. Talk to 600 people and make 100 sales.

Somewhere in there is a principle. (Bunches, really -- scaling that neatly means you’ve got your audience dialed in, for one).

I want to make it easy to get a copy of the book, so it will ship with every new subscription to the eCommerce Traffic Handler Monthly newsletter.

The topic of the January newsletter issue is messaging and offers from a few different angles.

It’s a print newsletter. There are a few business principles in that alone that I’ll have to dive into here in this email series at some point.

So, before you burn the Yorkshire pudding, and before you finish making those cookies, order your newsletter in time for the January issue to help you explode your business (in a good way) in the coming year.

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