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Peter Guzzo

Video Stories and Brand Stories | Peter Guzzo podcast episode on the Traffic Handler Podcast

Peter Guzzo is Executive Producer and Director at KestumBilt, an award winning video content production company. I met with Peter on-set for a quick chat about using video for retail and ecommerce projects. If you need to think about formats and content of your own videos -- this is the episode for you.

Catch the episode and full transcript here.


David Gibson

Episode about website accessibility with David Gibson.

David Gibson, of Propeller Media Works, and I met to discuss website accessibility and what shark infested waters we swim in concerning compliance. David shared some fantastic ways to get into compliance. And he even shared how the IRS can help you get there

Video version and full transcript here.



Cameron Blake

Traffic Handler podcast guest is Cameron Blake. We both agree that the way to make decisions about your online business is with data. Great episode!

Cameron Blake is the Founder of Ashford Creative, a digital agency that helps clients generate business outcomes and accelerate growth for clients through creative solutions, innovative strategies, and marketing campaigns.

We talked about using data to guide the decision making process with your ecommerce business.

Watch the video version here.


Denise Millet

Podcast episode image showing Denise Millet, who is today's guest. We talked about SEO for Shopify, and there were some great tips that you can apply to your store today.

Denise Millet is on a mission to take the overwhelm out of technology so that entrepreneurs and business owners can take back their time and refocus their energy into growing and scaling their businesses.

We discussed search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that Shopify store owners can use immediately to improve organic traffic with the search engines. Denise gave some incredibly valuable tips.

Find Denise at

Catch the episode here



 Isobel Burns

Podcast guest Isobel Burns. Today we discussed selling to your warm market and it was a value-rich conversation. Details you can use today.

 Today's guest is Isobel Burns of Digital Marketing Engine. Isobel has built and sold a London based 7 figure agency, and brings with her experience of running a growing business. As a badged Facebook Marketing Partner, Isobel has access to cutting edge information and systems. A genuine interest in growth businesses, compliments her core skill of data-driven business development.

 Video and full transcript available here.


 Misty Mozejko

Misty Mozejko is today's podcast guest. In the episode Misty reveals her COPS formula so business owners can gain control and move toward automated sales. Fun, quick, punchy episode!

 Today I speak with Misty Mozejko. Misty is a Business Transformation and Change Management Specialist. She says about herself, "As we enter this "New World Order” where leadership and executive teams are no longer geographically tied to one hive, my role is to show both corporate and entrepreneurial businesses how to build tight-knit (and happy) global teams who are focused on communication, organization, productivity and... sales." In our conversation Misty revealed her COPS formula, which create the four stages to sales automations.

Catch the interview here.


Dan Nikas

Dan Nikas, Guest on the Traffic Handler Podcast. This is a Shopify Store Masterclass with a master.

Dan Nikas was a former homicide detective sergeant of 17 years, Dan turned his policing skillset to ecommerce in 2015 when he founded & ran Gearbunch turning over US$4m in its first year. Dan is a Facebook Global Trainer, A Klaviyo Silver Partner & an in-demand Keynote speaker at industry events worldwide.

Watch the video version of the episode here.


Gwen Hutchings

Podcast episode cover for interview with Gwen Hutchings. Click through for the full transcript of the chat. We had fun. Gwen is super smart and it's a great conversation.Gwen Hutchings is a very talented brand strategist who has made her clients over $25 million with her deep understanding of people and their motivations.

Watch video version of the episode here.



Doberman Dan

Traffic Handler Podcast episode featuring the interview with Doberman Dan. This was a great conversation with a ton of takeaways for ecommerce and retail people.Doberman Dan. He's the King of Print and has had a wild career in direct response copywriting. There are some gold nuggets in this interview for retailers... I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you can apply what Dan is talking about. You can learn more about Doberman Dan here.



Intro Episode

Podcast cover for the intro episode of the podcast. The full transcript is on the page this is linked to.

Super short greeting episode. Who I am (and why you should listen) and what the podcast is all about.

Podcast here.



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