Talking to your narrow minded list

One thing I love about business... it is equal opportunity.

If you can build a business, you can be successful.

You don't have to be a certain color, or sex, or gender, or age, or political bent.

Business is open for everyone.

One of the members of the eCommerce Traffic Handler Program was getting threatening emails this past year.

Some nimrod decided it was all right to harass her through her business contact info because of her skin color, and sent emails threatening physical harm. (An offense for which she is protected by the federal government, so we talked about how to report it if she chose to).

The group includes a wide range of ages (spanning five decades), includes men and women, various skin colors and backgrounds... I'm happy to say I have to think hard to write about their demographics. Because I don't think of people's race.

My theme this month is about messaging and all of the ways we can address the people in our audiences, and in all of the places we meet them.

Knowing how to talk to people is as important as knowing who to talk to.

When you're writing ads, for example, only the broadest of the minds in your target audience will click through to your site. Everyone in that list is not the same.

Audiences live in a sort of a spectrum. You've got the ones who will click through from an ad, almost no matter what you say. And the other end of the stick are the ones you have to just about beg for a click through.

Too basic?

I think not.

Check your cost per click. If it's too high, you've missed the point in your ads. You can have a good list or target audience, and if you're not speaking their language, only the most open minded will click through.

The ad greats of all time, people like Robert Collier and Eugene Schwartz, knew that the value of the list was only truly measured by the value of the right message and offer.

And those guys didn't have the interwebz to get feedback on their work. They had to use postal mail and then they had to wait, and wait... and WAIT for results. Or they used print ads in magazines and newspapers, which also meant they had to wait, and WAIT for results.

The topic of the January eCommerce Traffic Handler Monthly newsletter is a deep, deep dive into the hows and wherefores of messages and offers.

It's these sorts of items, and more, that have caused some of my consulting clients and private clients to achieve radical explosions in their businesses -- 250% to 540% is common in a year. And we're not just talking 2 sales to 20 sales... I wouldn't insult you like that.

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