How to Use Jedi-Level Marketing in Your Ads

We’re not even half way through December 2020, and I’m already mentally into Q1 2021 and beyond.

Why the rush?

I'm deep in planning and deciding where to lead suspects, prospects, and customers in coming weeks and months, and indeed, years.

The foundation of every strong business is the lifetime value of a customer -- what they will buy from you down the road... months (think: apparel or grocery), years (think: cars), decades (think financial products), or generations (think Disney or university legacy enrollments).

Too often, building ads comes from the last-minute, “Quick! Do something to make sales!” thinking.

But slowing down and thinking about what customers want… how to turn suspects into prospects and prospects into customers, and how to make additional sales with existing customers… this is where some long-term, big business can happen.

This is why I keep squawking about not pushing the “Buy Now” langage. I say it over and over and over. The same emailers show up in my inbox day after day with the same messages (clearly, these people aren’t listening to me, hahahaha).

These are the same emailers who completely ignore their “preview” content. Then they just show a long, scrolling, personality-void email of product-and-buy-button after product-and-buy-button, until you reach a personality-free footer.

I get served their ads, too, on Facebook and around the interwebz.

Can’t tell what’s for sale in the image. More personality-free ad copy.

And in some cases the small bit of real estate allotted to every ad says, “Shop Now” in the text, description, AND call to action button.

Now, I realize, you (maybe?) aren’t doing these things.

But the temptation to go to the Dark Side in the name of speed, efficiency, and just get that darned ad out there, is strong.

Resist the Evil Empire.

Use every ad, email, product description, post, SMS, message, push notification… everything you put out into the world that’s supposed to show up in front of your suspects, prospects, and customers COUNT.

You’re building your relationship with them.

At the end, if you nailed it, you wouldn’t even have to ask them to buy.

That’s not entirely possible. But that’s the aim.

What if there were no “buy” button?

What if you couldn’t use the phrase, “shop now” in any part of the ad or email?

When you use your Marketing Jedi mind training with your ad content, whoever sees the ad is so in love with it, clicks and buys, without you even asking for the sale.

You’ve successfully conveyed so much value with your marketing that the next logical action is the purchase. That’s the goal.

Is it realistic or achievable?


Most of the time you have to ask for the sale somewhere.

But when the focus of all of your content is to develop a relationship with your audience long-term (always think "lifetime value" and repeat sales), the need to apply pressure is greatly reduced.

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