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  • Retailers Facing Cashflow Problems

    To retailers facing cashflow problems...
    Business owners: do not suffer alone.
    Marketing is a pathway out of nearly any hole you're in (at least, any hole that money fixes). Money doesn't fix everything -- far from it. But it sure makes a ton of stuff easier to work on if the money is handled.
  • Does Facebook Hate You?

    Here’s a question I get from members frequently… often enough, in fact, that I want to tackle this topic today to set the matter straight. “I’m ...
  • He Paid Me $8k and Ignored What I Told Him

    ...the thing is a mess.
    I did advise that we were probably not going to hit deadlines, but after a bit I felt confident that I could turn it around.
    So I built what I know works.
  • Facebook Policy: Vague or Evasive?

    I spent a chunk of my Sunday digging into FB policy for a client question. 
    FB seems to be getting more intentionally vague with time. 
    I knew the product in question was going to be difficult to promote on FB and I wanted to get clarity on policy in advance, so we’d know how to plan strategy. 
  • The Control Myth

    A lot of us got into business to be in control.
    We wanted control of our days, our lives, our destinies.
    Want to feel in control in your business?
  • What Business Are You In?

    Are you contributing to the conversation happening in your niche? I'm constantly beating this drum... the business isn't about the products.
    Products are what you sell.
    The business is about the people you get to serve.
  • Avoiding the Facebook Ban

    The FB bots must be bored, and they’re looking for trouble to dig up.
    So I drilled into the data a little more.
    I have a number of arrows in the quiver to deal with this problem. Right now I’m batting 1000 on getting client accounts turned back on after a shutdown, so I was hoping mine wouldn’t get the FB boot that so many are suffering these days.
  • Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Lessons for Internet Marketers

    Seems to me that Sturgis, South Dakota set the model for the internet.
  • Celebrating Two Members-Tracking-Millions

    I was sitting down to write about celebrating our first eCommerce Traffic Handler millionaire-on-track when I got a message from another member… ==...
  • The Secret of Numbers

    If you’re in even one FB group talking about ecomm ads you see, just about daily, brag posts on massive ROAS accomplishments.