Facebook Policy: Vague or Evasive?

I spent a chunk of my Sunday digging into FB policy for a client question. 

FB seems to be getting more intentionally vague with time. 

I knew the product in question was going to be difficult to promote on FB and I wanted to get clarity on policy in advance, so we’d know how to plan strategy. 

The rep and I had more of a duel than a conversation. 

Me: “Ok, so it’s all right to talk about the products, but we may be out of compliance with the Policy department. Could we talk with the Policy department about the business and products?”

Rep: “Sorry, no. You have to wait for ads to be disapproved before Policy will step in.”

Um... helpful? 

First cross the line and get slapped, then we’ll tell you that you crossed the line. 

At least in high school the rules were clear, so a trip to the principal’s office wasn’t a complete surprise. 

And to make matters worse not too long ago they added a vague policy page about “obfuscation”. 

In the eCommerce Traffic Handler group we do regular checks on account health and we use a checklist process for removing (not just deleting) disapproved ads from your Facebook account. 

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