What Business Are You In?

You opened a store. Congratulations! You're a business owner!

Now you need to think like a store owner, right? Buying products, and arranging them on shelves, and making a website and setting up a shopping cart, and...

Not so fast, there, Slim. Maybe that's not the business you're in after all.

And no, I'm not talking about a shady use for that back room.

Are you contributing to the conversation happening in your niche?

I'm constantly beating this drum... the business isn't about the products.

Products are what you sell.

The business is about the people you get to serve.

In addition to endlessly dealing with the products you want to sell, there is a never ending public conversation going on for you to participate in.

This is where you start in business.

Get into this conversation that your customers are having right now, and you can sell them all sorts of things.

For example, when you send an email to your list of prospects and customers, don't just say, "Here's this cute, thing -- you should buy this cute thing!" and send a picture of your cute thing.

Don't do that.

In fact, most of the businesses I've consulted or worked on that start with a product end up struggling big time.

But when you start with a message... a good message... in a market you have some connection with... then you've got something.

It's this sort of thing that I cover in detail in the monthly print newsletter, eCommerce Traffic Handler Monthly. It's a growth guide for retailers.

You can see more here:

I hear your cash register dinging!

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