The Secret of Numbers

If you’re in even one FB group talking about ecomm ads you see, just about daily, brag posts on massive ROAS (return on ad spend) accomplishments.

This one got 12x ROAS.

That one got 20x.

Best I ever got was over 70x… and that is a ridiculous number and isn’t sustainable.

Want in on the secret?

It isn’t always true (there are a lot of moving parts, so there is almost never just one reason for an outcome in marketing) -- but that 70x ROAS happened because I got one early sale on a new campaign. I hadn’t spent a bunch yet, and the sale came and poof -- awesome ROAS.

After we waited for the next sale, same day, the ROAS started to normalize. At the time it dropped like a stone, which is what you'd expect.

Yes, there are campaigns that do get longer term, high ROAS. 

In fact, a 15x ROAS is sustainable in some cases. But it's not advisable, because it means that you're not running a super efficient campaign.

A 15x ROAS means that for every $1 you put in you're getting $15 back.

But what if you put in more $1s and got $6 back for each one. If you stay at $15 there's no guarantee that the environment will stay the same. Spend more while you're winning and win more.

There are a bunch of ways to scale a winning campaign and account, and we get into this topic of scaling and bunches of other ways to win with ecommerce marketing in my book, Acquire. Convert. Repeat. which is currently only available with a subscription to my monthly newsletter, eCommerce Traffic Handler Monthly.

Learn more about these here:

Here's to more scales than a fish.

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