He Paid Me $8k and Ignored What I Told Him

You know how I know that price is the least important part of a sale? It was confirmed for me (again) when a client, who paid me over $8k in fees, changed what I built and just about put the account owner out of business.

Here’s the back story:

I worked with a client who hired me to work on a specific account. He was having trouble and his FB rep wasn’t entirely helpful. So he reached out and we started making money on the store.

For example, previous return on ad spend was 1.6. After a couple of weeks I got the return up to somewhere north of a 5 (some as high as 9 or more), depending on the campaign.

After a time he decided enough was enough, and we parted ways. Account was seasonal and we ended well. Always completely fine. 

Until… he came back.

In a panic.

Store owner had demands, numbers were bad in the account, and he’s in a panic.

OK, so I went back in to take a look, and the thing is a mess.

I did advise that we were probably not going to hit deadlines, but after a bit I felt confident that I could turn it around.

So I built what I know works.

And when I went in the next day, there’s all of this new stuff, and changes to the campaigns.

The shenanigans went on a couple more days (after I requested he not make changes). Finally I had to decline working on the account. 

You see, when you’re in a boat, and you’re in the middle of the rapids on the river, you don’t up and change boats. When you’re in the rapids you strap down the gear, sit low, and you do what you know works.

When I decided to restrict membership in my eCommerce Traffic Handler membership group, suddenly I had people asking for access. Some of these folks weren't ready. Others just plain weren't qualified.
Now I have a mastermind group that is free to join. It used to be a very pricey program. But I made a bunch of changes. Now part of the program, the Facebook group that went with the program, is open to all.

It’s not for everyone.

For example, if you don’t like me, if you don’t like how I write, and if you don’t like to make money and create solid online business decisions, you won’t like the group.

If you want to learn more, and learn about the very cool bonus training that comes with it, join here.
You're welcome.

Meanwhile, keep your hands in the boat, at least until we get through the rocks.

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