Do you make this mistake in your online marketing?

You’re going along through your day when suddenly someone reaches through your phone and says “Buy Now!”

Seth Godin called it “interruption marketing”.
This happens a few hundred or a few thousand times a day, depending on your level of exposure to the markets.

Don’t do that.

The bigger the internet gets, the smaller the world gets.

Every brand can give value and participate in the national or regional conversations that are always going on, rather than doing the old fashioned and flashy “Buy Buy Buy” a la Crazy Eddie.

There is a never ending stream of opportunity for messaging your business can take advantage of.
Take whatever tack is appropriate for your business, but every retailer can participate in a conversation and benefit from the branding juice of adding value to it.

National election: pick sides, or you can simply encourage people to vote. (Depending on how exciting you want things to get with your visitors. You could decide not to back a horse if it doesn't fit your brand).

Weather emergency: help people make good decisions.

Natural disaster: participate in the national uplifting that’s needed to rebuild and recover.

Every offline business has a place online as well. Use the voice of your business to add value, rather than noise.

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