Where Does Your Buying Experience Happen?

I know with certainty that I will never run out of topics to write about. All I have to do is open my email each day and the world provides me with more horror than I could ever think up.

This is the link to Apple's CSAM FAQ. CSAM is "child sexual abuse material".


For my full take on privacy infractions this and other big tech companies are imposing on us, please check the July 2021 issue of the eCommerce Traffic Handler Monthly, and blog post dated [link here].

Apple is making a distinction between how they access and block images... whether the data appears in Messages, in iCloud, or on the device itself.

They explain that they can't actually see the images, but they can block and send messages and even stop sharing when certain types of images appear.

They continue, stating that they are committed never to share with government agencies, or to give law enforcement access to any specific device. They have denied these requests in the past and continue to do so.

At any rate, I covered privacy in detail in last month's publication. I don't intend to spend all of August on the privacy issue as well. July was certainly more than enough.

Nor do I want anyone to get the idea that I condone any type of child abuse. Let me be clear. Child abuses of all kinds are a heinous crime that should be punished beyond the limits of the law.

But since Apple feels they can justify their techno-privacy infraction with their FAQ, I wanted to beat the proverbial dead equine communication device and share the document with you, here.

Shall we move on to greener pastures? Pastures, perhaps, with little pink hippos and frolicking unicorns?

I say yes.

Because these green pastures are where I like to spend my time.

In these lands we find grand harvests of ecommerce conversions.

If you've been with me for a while (and thank you, if you have) you know that my definition of "ecommerce" is very broad. The definition of ecommerce is selling anything online.

Most clients I work with have Shopify stores, with multiple products.

But please don't limit your selling (nor thinking about) ecommerce to multi-SKU online retail.

The value in ecommerce is much, much broader.

When we tackle the thinking problems, indeed, the philosophy of selling online is most simply mastered one item at a time.

Honestly, what customer buys your entire inventory?

I had a client a number of years ago with over 12k SKUs. They were in women's apparel.

Auto parts stores have the same issues.

There isn't a customer on the planet who will come in and buy every size bolt, cam, and filter. It's a rare customer who comes in to purchase every skirt, blouse, and chamise.

A customer comes to your store most of the time because she saw one thing she wanted. Done right she saw one magical thing that she could no longer imagine living without. She'd rather give you her money so she could have your thing. She sees your product (singular, please note) as more valuable to her than her cash or credit.

After the product experience that happens entirely inside her heart and mind, there may be a continued product discovery involving other items.

As a retailer (ecomm or brick and mortar, because these principles are all the same) your mission is to create that environment... that situation in which your customer will buy from you at least once... and then buy from you again and again and again.

The best marketers in history know that the most important elements of your business are your list of customers, and the offers you make to them.

Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier... the masters of the marketing game... these guys and the other leaders who created this great game of marketing and advertising... these guys boiled the fundamentals down to lists and offers.

(So yeah, sorry gals, most of the people who formed the early days of the direct marketing ad world were men. Some absolute genius women came along later. I'll share these women with you as we go along).

As we go through this month, the focus will be on lists and offers. And of course, the topic of the August edition of the eCommerce Traffic Handler Monthly dispatch will be a deep dive into the topic.

So... watch this space.

And no... no link today. Soon, Grasshopper. Soon.

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