Triple Your Business, or Kill it Dead.

Here's a life or death quiz for you:
What makes your retail business different in the marketplace?
   (If you don't know, it's time for some research. Because someone else can steal your business away from you.)

Do you know why people buy from you?
   (If you don't know, then your sales come by accident. You're running blind without the ability to plan and you can't duplicate successes. You're weeks away from being out of business.)

Do you believe you should get more buyers from your promotional efforts than you do?
   (If you should be getting more buyers, how can you get them regularly and predictably? What numbers back this up?)

Do you know if your ad spend is working efficiently enough?
   (What metrics help you to determine your efficiency? If you're not efficient, what can you do to fix this immediately?)

How much more can you spend on ads, and will your business grow or die if you spend it?
   (While there is no wrong answer to the % you want your business to grow, there must be growth. Standing still is actually going backwards -- especially with all of this talk about inflation going on. Can you manage a large influx of traffic? What happens to your inventory and fulfillment if you do spend more on ads?)

   + Client G is wrapping up his third year in a row at just under $2 million, but this year he spent about 17% less on his advertising as compared to the last two years.

   + Client C is closing out 2020 with revenues for the year at nearly $250k (a roughly 10x increase in business), which he achieved $26 at a time in just over a year.

   + Client T went from a very unstable <$20k each month to a very predictable monthly revenue of at least $90k.

What I love about each of these clients' businesses is that there is way more capacity for growth for each of them (as well as many other clients that I didn't mention).

All three of these business owners, and the rest, have worked hard this year on answers to these questions, and more.

Whether on Facebook or off, there are some very definite approaches in business that will set you up for massive success.

And having a very solid grounding in who you talk to and how you talk to them is a set up for success.

Being able to use the tools that measure the "whos" and "hows" makes the whole thing go smoother.

I'm going to say it again... because that's what this month is about. The January issue of the eCommerce Traffic Handler Monthly newsletter is all about audiences and offers... lists and messages...

This is the stuff that successful businesses are built on.

It's one thing to buy traffic. And maybe you are buying traffic already. Let's say you are buying traffic and it's converting well enough. If the store is converting at over 1% for ecommerce it's a good start. If we're talking lead generation, I want to see about 20%.

Next we determine if you're getting the best bang for your buck.

Cue the music. That’s my prompt to segue into talking about the free mastermind Traffic Handler group.
It’s not for everyone.

For example, if you don’t like me, if you don’t like how I write, and if you don’t like to make money and create solid online retail business decisions, you won’t like the group.

If you want to learn more, and learn about the very cool bonus training that comes with it, join here.
It used to be a very pricey program. But I made a bunch of changes. Now part of the program, the Facebook group that went with the program, is open to all.

I like to joke that Facebook ads are the gateway drug to a real marketing addiction. 

Want to get hooked on some really good marketing? Come find out what the buzz is about. We’re growing millionaires. 

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