The Best Kind of Problem in Business You Can Have

Yesterday I got a great question from a client who has had massive gains in her business this year.

She went from a few sales a month to clearing $40k in the month of November.

At her old pace it would have taken her more than 5 years to hit $40k.

But she's smart -- so now she's looking for the next problem she'll have in her business, so she can plan for next year's growth.

That's smart.

Business is about problems: having them and solving them. So the best kind of problem is the next one coming down the pike.

The happiest business owners I know and work with thrive on whatever the problems are. The problems are invigorating. They're life affirming.

Because of course we don't want to stay in the problems. We want to get to the solution as fast as possible. Then we can get onto the next problem.

One of the problems that is oh so common in business is learning how to talk with suspects, prospects, and customers.

It's not always obvious what to say and how to say it.

Whole businesses are built around messages and offers that light people up and get them to buy.

And you can't use the same message or the same offer for every member of your audience, or even for every customer.

Picture your audience all lined up outside of your store. Some are standing under the awning out front. And some are standing in the sleet and rain outside at the end of the line, a ways down the sidewalk.

I guarantee you, you're not going to say the same words to the folks under the awning that you will say to the people in the elements down the street.

So don't treat them all the same online either.

If "what to say and how to say it" are issues for you in your business -- whether in your own store or in your clients' stores -- the January issue of the eCommerce Traffic Handler Monthly newsletter will be very interesting for you.

Robert Collier, one of the Grand Masters of Marketing, had all of marketing boiled down to audiences and messages.

Improve just this area and watch your sales increase, your ad costs drop, and your revenues go up up up.

So the deep dive in this month's newsletter issue helps you to uncover this problem in your business and get into the solution.

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