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"Raised my prices. Got pre-orders in place. Just got $400 in sales in the past hour. Amy Biddle your wisdom and advice is literally priceless! Still implementing everything we talked about in the call but just wanted to share those quick wins from those little tweaks you gave me." - ETHP member

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This is just one of story after story after story from posts in my private consulting group. 

Business owners who use the eCommerce Traffic Handler framework get results.

The results and the stories vary widely, depending on where the business was when they started using it.

For example, one store owner started using the framework about 21 months ago. She was hardly making any sales (maybe two a week... on a good week) and was completely funding her store herself -- inventory, ads, images, fulfilment, all store development work... everything.

Within the first five to six months in the framework she'd gotten her ads turned around, so the traffic was better on her site.

Within about six to seven months she'd started to implement methods she’d learned in the program that created over 600% increase in her average order value!

After only 12 months... on the date of her anniversary in the program, she shared a post...

"I realized today that this week is probably my anniversary in the group!! I can't believe it's been a year and I want to share some charts) and give a big shout out to Amy Biddle. She never gave up on me and my account."
Client account massive increase in annual revenue


Another member using the framework... his store was stuck under $10k per month. But using just a few of the methods he learned in this framework he'd quadrupled his revenues in a few months. And just 12 months later, he quadrupled his monthly revenues again. (He’s now on track to clear well over half a million dollars revenue for the year, and at a very healthy profit margin).

To be clear, that’s less than $10k per month to well over $135k per month in a year.

All three of these members' stories are special, because each one had different challenges to begin with. Every business is different.

But one thing they have in common: massive gains in business results in under a year by implementing just a few of the pieces of the framework designed to completely revolutionize your ecommerce business.

Does it work for everyone?

No. This framework does not work for everyone.

I've had members who didn't follow the framework... who shook their heads at simple instructions... who would not or could not do what I asked.

Sadly, some of these stores are gone. Others are failing.

But, for the business owners who are open minded and willing to take simple instructions… the framework works.

So why not join the program? Am I still open to new clients in the consulting group?

Well, the price of admission has gone up (way up) in the past 6 months. 

In fact, until now the only way to get this framework has been to join this exclusive program. And to get in now you have to be referred by a current member or by a trusted colleague. I finally had to put a limit on new admissions.

But even with these limits, I wanted to continue to share with still more store owners the methods that others are implementing and winning with.

That's why I created the eCommerce Traffic Handler Monthly newsletter.

It's a print newsletter. Paper. Delivered to your home or office. You'll want to read it with a pen and highlighter in-hand.

There are no digital copies. There won't be PDFs following.

What you will get when you subscribe (more on how to get in on this offer in just a moment) is a minimum of 16 pages (and more than double that a few times a year) of the best that I have to offer on various topics in ecommerce.

These are the techniques and methods that store owners are using right now, to 

  • force Facebook give them the right audiences for their businesses
  • get massive returns on their ad spends
  • turn paid marketing into free marketing
  • know what to say to their target market, and how to say it so customers want to open their wallets and buy again and again

Every month, you'll receive a copy of the newsletter that will deliver the goods to you in a topic-based deep dive. Topics like...

  • how to get more control of your business
  • marketing to better audiences
  • chargebacks, porch pirates, and shipping disasters (oh my)
  • tech tools mastery (for non-techies)
  • … and many others

And here is the pièce de résistance: when you join today you get free a copy of my physical, print book, "Acquire. Convert. Repeat.: The Framework that Builds eCommerce Millionaires."

The book is a physical book and includes the entire framework, marketing principles, deep dives into strategies, nuts and bolts of ecommerce marketing from the eCommerce Traffic Handler Program.


The Program is an elite offering (not currently available to the public). It's an intentionally small group of very smart business owners who are going through my private group consulting program in order to achieve new heights of success with their marketing and sales.


But right now membership is closed. The only way in is to personally know someone who can recommend you. And even with a personal recommendation, there have been people I've turned away. They simply weren't qualified to participate in the program.


Members of the program have access to a full framework of marketing principles, strategies, and tactics, covering...


  •  Facebook ads, audiences, and how to force Facebook to give you your exact target audience (even without telling them what you want)
  • Turn paid marketing into free marketing (in multiple platforms)
  • know what to say to their target market, and how to say it so customers want to open their wallets and buy again and again

The only way to get the full framework now is in this book. And the only way to get the book is to be an eCommerce Traffic Handler Monthly newsletter subscriber.