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Paid ad platforms aren't working anymore.
You're losing as much as 96% of the traffic you've paid for.
This is the solution.


You paid for the traffic. Now you can use that data that you paid for.

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I recently discovered a shocking business secret.

This is the sort of business secret that comes along every 30 years or so.

It's the kind of secret that catapults businesses to the heights of success.

Amazon uses it.

Google uses it.

All of the banks, credit card and credit scoring companies use it every day on you.

This is a secret that's so powerful, it can make the difference between the success of your business or its certain death in the next 18 months.

In the next few minutes, I want to show you how enterprise businesses like Adidas, Amazon, Google, and more collect data on you, and turn around and use that data to make money making their businesses richer and richer every day.

This secret was never intended for the small business owner.

Even if you're brand new to selling, I have the way for you to tap into this secret information that until now, only enterprise businesses had access to.

My name is Amy Biddle.

I'm a consultant to ecommerce retail store owners, and I help them become millionaires.

You've seen me on podcasts.

I'm author of a couple of books, to ecommerce store owners, and I'm founder of the Ecommerce Traffic Handler Program.

First, let's talk about the hidden tools that big businesses use for their marketing online.

The internet is known as the information superhighway, and for decades now, all of our personal information has been collected online.

In the past few years, people have gotten highly concerned about personal privacy.

So now companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook have put all these protections in place.

Privacy should be a concern.

They got that part right. After all, we've seen what certain social media platforms have done with personal information over the past few years.

But big businesses just changed the rules of marketing behind the scenes.

In doing so, they had a monstrous advantage in the marketplace.

Meanwhile, mainstream businesses have been hit hard by so many changes that have gone on in the world over the past few years.

Small business owners haven't had access to the underground secret information that hides marketing information.

The big dogs have had this all along.

Consumers have more control now over their online information, but no one's hiding from big business.

Please don't believe for a second that any big businesses are suffering because they can't track private information on the ad platforms.

Enterprise businesses have all the data they need to keep running and growing.

No, these privacy measures are really only killing small businesses.

Small retailers. You might be one of these.

Now, what I'm saying might get this video banned and this video might get taken down.

But this needs to be said.

The way things are going, it's going to be impossible to build and run a small business in the US. Soon.

The United States economy, our country itself, is built on small business.

And the business environment right now is stacked against small business.

Chances of succeeding now are worse than ever.

There are forces at work with enterprise business that makes small business success nearly impossible.

So now let's talk about paid traffic -- ad campaigns -- and how to make sure you're making money with your marketing dollars.

Now, at first, when I say paid traffic, a lot of people get really uncomfortable. They tried it.

It was too expensive, but they hoped it would work.

So they spent too much money and did a lot of financial damage in the process.

That's not business.

Business is not about hoping.

Business is about having a system and using that system to make good decisions based on data.

Well, it's a new day in the business world, because now you, too, can have access to information that can give you a whole new level of control in your business.

Here's how it works.

What if you had access to hundreds of details about people interested in your products, all in high quality US-based audiences?

And what if you had the contact information of these people so you could reach them and sell to them?

You see, if you've been running ads on the ad platforms, you've been renting access to those audiences.

And in renting the access to people, you never owned the information.

You just had to trust that you'd be able to find the people again.

But let me ask you a question.

Which do you think is better?

Renting a list of people and renting that same list day after day and not knowing who you're talking to?

Or would you rather own your list and have incredible detail about each person?

Here's an example of how this works.

Let's say you're selling online whatever you sell -- apparel, home goods, accessories, marketing, your local restaurant or local business of some kind. Professional services, coaching, consulting. Whatever it is that you sell.

So here's how this can play out.

Stacey is a shopper who visits your website after seeing your ad on Google or Facebook.

When Stacey visits your website, we're able to uncover her hashed email.

Now, a hashed email is simply an encryption that every online user has.

This encrypted code is used to match across our in house bucket of data that reveals hundreds and hundreds of different identifiers for the prospect.

Treat Stacey like a new friend, because now we know her name, her address, her email, her phone number, other purchases she's made, other interests she has.

And then, of course, as the seller, you know what you've got in inventory, what's going out of stock. If we can get more of something.

Since we know what Stacey likes, we can get in front of her again and again and offer her products she's interested in, with personalized messaging sent directly to Stacey by email, ads, phone calls, and postal advertising.

How would you stay in touch with Stacey?

This is a real lead that you can build a relationship with and nurture for many years.

She's not from a rented list where you only get one shot at a response.

She's not a social media ad reader who sees your ad and vanishes into the crowd.

She's not an anonymous site visitor who shops, leaves and never buys from you.

This is a prospect who is thoroughly researched and is pre-qualified for a sale.

So let's recap the problem.

We're not getting the sales from online ads that we used to get.

It costs more to reach people online.

Small businesses are being victimized by privacy issues on the ad platforms.

And the privacy settings that the big businesses online put in place to protect people is actually what they're using to separate enterprise businesses from small businesses.

The big dogs have the information.

The small businesses that don't have access to the information are pushed out.

Now, I want to show you the way out.

You need to be able to play the game the way the big businesses have been playing all along.

First, send targeted cold traffic to your website.

You can do this from any traffic source you like.

Capture as many of those visitors as you can.

And I'm not talking about capturing email or SMS opt Ins.

I'm talking about someone visiting your site.

And then just by their visit, you've captured information that you can use to market to them.

Target campaigns to those people.

Pay less per lead and pay less per conversion.

Use this information for custom audiences, retargeting audiences, cross platform tracking, cold email and postal mail.

Introducing the Ads Group System.

You can have everything I've described today and more with the Ads Group System and Identity Resolution Matching.

AGS gives you access to that secret bucket of information that until now, only enterprise businesses have access to that bucket of information is called the ID Graph.


Book a call to learn how the Ads Group System can work for you.
Book a call to talk about how the Ads Group System can work for you.


This is your new secret weapon.

Audiences accumulate and are portable between ad platforms.

The audiences do not expire.

You own them.

No more renting of information.

Drop add costs by as much as 30% just by increasing match rate on the ad platforms because now you're no longer renting your marketing lists.

You know who these visitors are and you can get in front of enormous numbers of them again and again.

In other words, you own your list.

Now remember, this is like Amazon-grade tracking that ties to the ID Graph, that secret bucket of information, giving you data that you can use for your marketing.

In a recent ecommerce situation, we have a huge drop in cost per result.

In this case, cost per sale.

Website purchases went up, and cost per result dropped.

So in the beginning it was $41 per purchase and only 13 purchases.

But then with our system in place, it's $14.79 per purchase and 56 purchases.

It's a no brainer.

This just makes sense.

Here's what you get when you join the Ads Group System.

It's a monthly subscription and usually there's a set up fee.

But we're going to waive that setup fee for you because you're watching this video. So when you set the appointment to learn more, mention this video and I'll waive the setup fee.

The more traffic you have, the better the Ads Group System works.

But we can still work with you if you're small or if you're just getting started.

The first 30 days is a warm up period, but you could be getting data in as little as a week.

Again, depending on how much traffic you have coming to your site.

You receive your site visitor information in a file that you can use in a bunch of different ways.

Upload your prospect audiences to your ad platforms to run ads to them.

Use postal mail to promote your offers.

Cold email campaigns are now a very real option.

Be sure to ask about this.

And please don't ever use your store's domain to send cold email. That's a very special application.

Remember, this is a list that you own so you don't have to worry about the warning messages that your audiences are shrinking. When you're doing your ads and you see those messages, you can just laugh and ignore those.

Also, when you get the Ads Group System and it's my additional gift to you for watching this video, you get your first week free.

That's seven days of free data and no set up fee.

That's my gift to you for watching this video.

And you even get a guarantee.

We'll improve your audiences and conversion costs in 90 days or less.

The Ads Group System will cost less than your current marketing costs.

And if you don't agree, you keep the data.

We'll part as friends and there's no further investment.

So go ahead and book some time with me today.

Let's talk about how the Ads Group System will work for you.

The information is there.

The question is, will you tap into it?

Use the calendar link below and talk to me about the Ads Group System so that you can take control of your marketing.

Now, I want to leave you with a warning.

This is a system that has two sides to it.

It's working great now.

The more you use it, the better it gets.

The longer you use it, the better your list.

But remember that the powers that be are working against the little guy.

So what is now a very legal, white hat, highly successful method for taking back control of your business isn't always going to work.

Marketing tools and rules change about every eight to twelve years.

There are huge shifts to the rules of marketing that put small businesses out of business.

The Ads Group System works now.

So book a time on the calendar and talk with me today.

Mention this video and get your free week of data and I'll waive the setup fee.

You can join the ranks of enterprise businesses that have been using this system for their success. 


Book a call to learn how the Ads Group System can work for you.Book a call to talk about how the Ads Group System can work for you.