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You paid for the traffic. Now you can use that data that you paid for

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You're losing about 70% of the traffic you're paying for.

I can give you back 20% to 30% of that lost traffic, and it will cost

you less than you're currently paying for ads. Guaranteed.

I'm Amy Biddle of Control Key Marketing.

I'm a consultant to ecommerce store owners, and I help them become millionaires.

You've seen me on podcasts, I'm author of a book to ecommerce store owners, and I'm founder of the Ecommerce Traffic Handler System.

When I got the opportunity to offer my clients an enterprise grade data service to help them with their ads, I jumped on it.

We're seeing lower cost per conversion and huge gains in audience engagement and sales.

So let's dig in and I'll show you how this works.

Stick around to the end.

You'll see if this is for you, too.

Before we move ahead, let's go over two definitions.

These will be important for this presentation.

The first is ID Graph.

At its most simple description, it's a database.

It's a database that stores individual people as numbers.

It's just a way of keeping track of people online.

But there's so much more to it than individuals

and numbers because this is how Amazon, your credit

card company, the credit reporting bureaus, search engines... this

is how they all identify you and all of the places you go online.

The other phrase we need to define is "first party cookie" or "first party data".

So let's back up a second.

A cookie is a tracker.

It allows us to see when a visitor has taken an action on your site.

Again, this is oversimplified, but it'll do for now.

If you've been running ads, you've been using cookies, a pixel, which is like a cookie.

They're both little pieces of script that live

inside either your browser or your website.

It doesn't matter, but it's a piece of script and it tracks visitors and allows us to view visitors actions on your site and get in front of the same visitors

again, on the ad platforms.

But pixels, or cookies, that are owned by someone else are called third party cookies.

And if you've been reading online technology news even a

little bit over the past few years, you know that third party cookies are on the way out.

They're gone on some platforms and they're leaving on others.

So there's a solution.

There's another kind of cookie, and these cookies are still legal and very much alive.

These are first party cookies. First party data.

And that's what we're going to talk about today.

We're going to talk about how you can use your own pixel.

Tap into the ID Graph.

Get access to trillions of data points.

Use hundreds of tracked parameters.

Get data from over a billion device IDs.

Access billions of emails, all covering about 70% of the US population.

Best of all, this is first party data that you own.

Here's how it works.

A visitor goes to your website. The site visitor fires

the site visitor pixel, creating a

visitor profile that you now own.

And it's in a hashed format.

The hash format is important.

It's a string of letters and numbers, kind of like code, that matches information in the ID Graph.

So the ID Graph is the bigger container that holds information that we're tapping into.

The Ads Group System collects this data, creating reports that you can use for retargeting and cold audience outreach. Because this is first party data --

no third party cookies, because, remember, they're

going away or they're already gone -- the first party data becomes audiences that

you can use for marketing your business.

So here's an example.

If you get 2000 site visitors each month, you can get audience data of maybe a few hundred people that you never would have gotten before.

And I'll explain how in just a minute.

But it's really remarkable that the more

traffic you send through your site, the more recovered identities you'll get.

When you use first party cookies or the site

visitor pixel, the size of your retargeting audiences will increase by two to three times, and your ad spend can reduce by 20% to 30%.

The effect of this is to increase your profit margins and to reach more customers and prospects.

You know how costs have been skyrocketing on the ad platforms.

This is the solution that you've been looking for.

So in this slide, this is an example of

how the system works for a car dealer. It doesn't really matter what kind

of a business you're running.

You don't have to be selling products or services that are even as expensive as cars.

When you look at the slide, replace the truck with your product.

So here's how it works.

Stacey visits the car dealership website after seeing an ad on Google.

When she lands on the website, our pixel fires, we're able to uncover Stacey's hashed email, which is an encryption that every online user has.

The hashed email is used to match across our in-house identity graph and reveals over 500 different identifiers of the prospect.

We know her name, her address, her email, her phone, last vehicle she purchased, when she purchased it, what it was, what her credit score is.

And then lastly, we know if we're the car dealer, we know what we've got in the inventory, what's going out of stock, if we can get more of something, what Stacey likes, and then we can get in front of her again and again in personalized messaging sent directly to Stacey by email, retargeting ads, phone calls, postal advertising.

Do you think she'll buy from you?

The selling is up to you, but the targeting? We've got that covered.


Book a call to learn how the Ads Group System can work for you.
Book a call to talk about how the Ads Group System can work for you.

So here's what's been going on.

You've paid for traffic and you've lost most of it.

It's kind of jarring, isn't it?

I can get you back much of that lost traffic. This lowers your cost per lead or your cost per sale.

And you'll have better than ever audiences.

And these are audiences that don't disappear after seven days.

Have you noticed that on the ad platforms you can't get

in front of the people that you used to be able to get in front of those days are over.

Let's look at this in a little more detail.

Let's say you're converting between 1% and 5% of your site visitors.

Where did the rest of the 95% 99% of that traffic go?

Ad platforms these days have terrible match rates.

Fewer than 25% of your audiences can be matched to serve your ads.

It's because of the degradation of the third party cookies and long standing problems with attribution windows.

Out of 1000 of your site visitors, 700 of those visitors are wasted, gone forever.

Also, in the past few years, costs on all platforms have gone up and up and they'll keep going up.

I've been doing this a long time.

Costs just go up over time.

Because of the loss of third party cookies, we're seeing more volatility and unpredictable ad campaigns.

I know I keep saying this, but this is data that you own.

It works on all the ad platforms that accept

uploads (and all the major ad platforms do).

So what's the solution?

Capture as many of those lost visitors as you can.

Target campaigns to those people.

Pay less per lead and pay less per conversion.

Use this information for custom audiences.

Retargeting audiences, cross platform marketing, cold email and postal mail.

Introducing the Ads Group System.

You can have everything I've described today and more with the

Ads Group System and ID Resolution Matching.

Retargeting audiences accumulate and are portable between ad platforms.

The audiences do not expire you own them.

Drop ad costs by as much as

30% just by increasing match rate.

Reduced cost per click by improving audience targeting.

Now remember, this is like Amazon-grade tracking the ties to the ID Graph, giving you data that you can use for your marketing.

Here's an ecommerce example.

You'll notice that this is a huge drop in cost per result.

In this case, cost per sale.

You'll see in this example that website purchases

went up and cost per result dropped.

So in the beginning it was $41

per purchase and only 13 purchases.

But then after the site visitor pixel, it's $14.79 per purchase and 56 purchases.

It's a no brainer.

It just makes sense.

So looking at this example, here's an example of just some of the data that you get.

And I realize it's too small and you can't see it,

but you can see that there's a lot of information here.

Each row in this spreadsheet represents a single person and their data.

It just scrolls and scrolls the further right you go.

Here's what you get when you join the Ads Group System.

It's a monthly subscription and usually there's a set

up fee, but we're waving the setup fee during

the second quarter 2022 the system works best at

10,000 site visitors per month or more.

It takes longer if you have less traffic but we can still work with you.

The first 30 days is a warm up period after the first 10,000 site visitors or the first month, whichever comes first, we supply you with a CSV a spreadsheet for audience uploads and again the frequency depends on the traffic volumes.

The more traffic you have the bigger the list and the more frequently we can do the data delivery. Additional data points may be available.

So for example if it's useful to you to have the segmenting based on household income, credit score ranges, home ownership we have that


And there's additional data that's available.

So when you reach out and talk to us we can talk about what your particular needs are.

Where 25% of retargeting audiences can typically be found on the ad platforms with our ID Resolution Match, greater than 80% of uploaded audiences are available.

And we even have a guarantee.

This is the Ads Group System Guarantee: we'll improve your audiences and conversion costs in 90 days or less.

The Ads Group System will cost less than your current marketing costs. And if you don't agree you keep the data. We'll part as friends and there's no further investment.

Reach out today you can book a call to see how the Ads Group System will work for you.

Everything we do is custom, so let's talk about what your needs are. The data is there.

The question is, will you tap into it? 

Book a call to learn how the Ads Group System can work for you.
Book a call to talk about how the Ads Group System can work for you.